Meet the Authors

Meet the 4 Authors

         Originally hailing from Upstate NY, but now a 10+ year resident of the LA scene, Karl enjoys the finer things in life: Food, travel, his wife, Chelsea FC, and the smell of rich mahogany. And while he may appreciate a well-crafted cocktail or a fine Speyside scotch more than most, it is a love of beer and its ability to adapt to any situation that has lead to him to participate in this blog. “I really believe in the power of beer to bring people together and make the world a better place,” Karl said in a recent interview conducted by himself. “Everyone can enjoy beer. There are thousands of beers out there, but the common person only drinks the worst 3% of these in their lifetime, despite the fact that the good stuff is easily accessible and fairly inexpensive. It’s fun to explore and appreciate the craft and the history that is behind this marvelous beverage.” Karl looks forward to writing about new and exciting brews, making obnoxiously obscure references, and writing in the third person for the remainder of the year.

Gateway beer experience
        While I was still attending university, a roommate and I had a fun little tradition. Whenever it was a rough week for one of us, or both of us, or we were just plain bored, we would take a “trip around the world”. This usually involved a purchase of BevMo’s 10-pack of various lagers and mediocre beers from all corners of the earth. He had previously lived in Argentina, and would always be excited for a Quilmes, and I would look forward to a possible Peroni from my study-abroad homeland of Italy, and then we would drink the finest Czech, Mexican, Indian and New Zealand beers a college budget could buy. I remember one time BevMo was out of the usual 10-packs, but there was a very appealing bundling of bottles from Belgium. It was the Van Steenberge pack, including a Gulden Draak and a Piraat, amongst other odd-looking and strangely-named beers. Who wouldn’t want to drink out of bottles with pirates and dragons on them? A little while later, as these beers were chilled, I popped open the Piraat and it was like nothing I had tasted before. It was fiercely delicious, and very strong, making the (insert name here) Lights that we were accustomed to drinking seem like gradeschoolers playing dodgeball with adults. Whatever reason sparked the need to purchase a pack was forgotten about after the deliciousness of the Gulden Draak which followed in quick succession. After sinking the Piraat and slaying the Draak, I was wondering what had happened to my tolerance over the past 24 hours, and came to the realization it was like I had consumed 4-5 beers worth of booze. It was delicious, satisfying and slightly wobble-inducing, and I was never the same. Sadly the price of that box soon became inflated and moved out of my college price range, but it did prod me in the direction of trying many more Belgian style beers. Our local Ralph’s grocer would sell large bottles of La Fin Du Monde and Maudite for $5 a bottle, and Chimay Rouge and Duvel were only $6 for a 750ml at Trader Joe’s. It would be those suds which would lubricate the slippery slope of my borderline alcoholism for the years to come. 


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