Monday, April 8, 2013

April 8: Karl and the Tale of the Reutberger Export Hell

Rock Me, Kloster Reutberger

We are about to say “auf wiedersehen” to our German friends, dear reader, and I’m closing out with the Reutberger Export Hell.  From my very little German I can tell that the Reutberg Abbey has been producing beers since 1677, and other than that all I see are words and fonts that look angry. I bet that they are perfectly pleasant though, as who can be mad when you are making beer? Anyway, as my ode to 80s German pop, I have dedicated this beer to the great German band Falco. Will “Der Kommissar” put this beer on lockdown? This video is a classic...

So I managed to lose my notes on this one, but I will give you a brief overview from memory. It was similar, but not as good as the Weltenberger that I had a little while back. While it lacked the stickiness of the Weltenberger (a good thing), the flavor profile is not as well balanced, and it was a little more of a straight lager or pilsner. It is crisp and light, but a little too grainy for my taste. It is definitely drinkable, yet unfortunately forgettable, but I’m sure somewhere in Germany there are laughs and good times being shared over a few liters of this guy.

Rating: C+

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