Wednesday, April 3, 2013

April 3: Karl and the G. Schneider & Sohn Organic Weisen Edel-Weisse

Schneider: A few of my favorite things

While this journey for me, dear readers, was meant to expand my beer palate and try new things that I have never tried before, once in a while I have to indulge myself in an old favorite. That would be the case today, as I am drinking the Schneider Edel-Weisse, and organic wheat beer from what I think may be Germany’s best brewery. It was very easy to choose which album to pair this guy with, as every time I see this beer on the shelf or on tap I start to sing its eponymous anthem from the Sound of Music. Edel-Weisse, Edel-Weisse… (I wish every morning you would greet me)

As for the beer, I’m going to keep this review short. If you like wheat beers, you should track this down. If you like beer, you should track this down. It’s a wonderfully executed wheat beer, floral and citrus notes abound in both the nose and the taste and it’s a glowing yellow-orange with a meringue-esque head. This organic beer is made with only six ingredients: water, two types of hops, two types of malt, and yeast. That’s it. It’s simple and delicious, clean and crisp, simply executed with deep flavors; perfect for a sunny day. I slightly prefer the standard white label hefe from Schneider over this one, but having to choose would be like the Von Trapps having to pick which child to leave behind to the Nazis.  You can’t do it.

Rating: A

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