Friday, April 12, 2013

April 12: Karl and the Tale of the Bootlegger's Tropical Thunder

Keeping the Tropical Thunder from spilling was obviously the more important task at hand
Unfortunately, dear readers, the only picture that accompanies today’s “Wild Card” beer is a picture of yours truly holding it in one hand while failing miserably at big-kid Jenga with the other. That's what I get for leaving the house. These multiple failures should not taint your views on this magnificent beer, though. As someone who generally turns his nose away from hoppy beers, Tropical Thunder from Bootlegger’s is a welcome exception to the common California Pale Ale. We’ve been a fan of Bootlegger’s for quite some time, with this trip being the latest of maybe 15 or so trips to the brewery. Bootlegger’s, as the pride of Fullerton, CA, has been expanding their operations lately, including opening a brand new tasting room that is tons o’ fun. With the expansion it seems like they have stepped up their brewing prowess and are giving The Bruery a run for Orange County’s finest brew spot.

As for the beer itself, this is a phenomenal beer. Apparently it came about as an accident, but much like Silly Putty it is an accident that only will improve our lives from this point on. Enticingly aromatic with notes of pineapple, guava, and floral hops, this beer invites you in, places a lei around your neck, and then starts to luau in your mouth. Pineapple is still there, along with some citrus notes that are perfectly balanced by some light hops and a great mild malt. It’s one of those beers that you can drink quickly and continuously. If they start to bottle this beer, I’m buying stock in their company.

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