Tuesday, March 5, 2013

March 5: Karl and the Tale of the Grand Teton Brewing Co. In Pursuit of Hoppiness

Isn't She Lovely?

Hola, dear readers, as I am filling in for Trevor as he is finding out it is a little hard to come across a roja beer in Mexico. Today I have a brew from the potato state, Grand Teton Brewing Company's In Pursuit of Hoppiness. I do not believe I have ever had a beer from Victor, Idaho before, so you could say I’m going into this beer tasting blind, but that is not why I chose Stevie Wonder’s masterpiece “Songs in the Key of Life” to accompany my beer today. With the beer’s clever play on “happy” and “hoppy”, I went with an album full of unbridled joy; if you are not smiling or dancing around after listening to songs like “I Wish”, “Sir Duke” or Stevie’s own expression of joy at his newborn daughter “Isn’t She Lovely”, then you need to check your pulse.

The beer pours a gorgeous crystal-clear red with a solid 2+ finger khaki head. The nose is what I imagine setting foot in Grand Teton National Park would be like, with some lovely pine aromas inviting you to relax and enjoy some caramels in the woods. There is a good taste balance between the toasted caramel malt and the heavy hops (we’re looking at a whopping 100 IBUs here), and the hops are the eventual winners of the battle as pine and citrus peel take their victory lap on your tongue. Both the body and the carbonation are at medium strength, and the 8.5% ABV is mostly unnoticed as you enjoy. I am usually not a fan of these big hop-bombs, but this one is very well balanced, and isn’t nearly as resinous as most other beers I’ve had in that 100 IBU range. If you are into DIPAs or beers with a hoppier disposition, then check this one out.

Rating: B   

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