Sunday, March 24, 2013

March 24: Karl and the Tale of the Avery The Reverend

Let's Stay Together?

There is an argument, dear reader, over which state produces the best assortment of craft beers. While California is clearly the Beatles of this argument, many would argue that Colorado is the Led Zeppelin. In addition to that hard to find white whale beer called Coors, Colorado boasts the 3rd largest amount of craft breweries in the US. New Belgium, Great Divide and Oskar Blues are just three of 139 and counting breweries that have shown much tasty love to your favorite bloggers, and today’s brew comes from another notable Colorado brewery. While Avery is most famous for its easy-drinking wit White Rascal or Ellie’s Brown, they also manage to produce a good stable of quality beers; from high-alcohol monsters like The Beast and Mephistopheles Stout to superb IPAs like Dugana and Maharaja, Avery represents Colorado well. Today I will be drinking their Quad, The Reverend, and this must be accompanied musically by the “The Reverend” Al Green. Will The Reverend be one of Avery’s greatest hits?

I would describe the color of this beer as cherrywood, and it has a oily, stagnant-pond-water head that produces little foam. The pond water is accompanied by a muted, fruity nose that is accompanied by some alcohol and a touch of the malt. While I could break down the flavor profile for you, I think I can sum up this beer by saying it tastes like a 100% Juicy Juice fruit punch juice box. Baby Buster would love this. There is some bitterness on the finish, but the fruitiness, the high carbonation and the lack of traditional Quadrupel body and mouthfeel mean that I Can’t Get Next to You. It’s a shame that one of my all-time favorite albums gets paired with a surprising dud from Avery.

Rating: C-

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