Friday, March 1, 2013

March 1: Karl and the Tale of the AleSmith My Bloody Valentine

AleSmith, I'm Crazy on You

Welcome to March, dear readers, and I’m two weeks behind on drinking today’s beer. I think the original, cheesy plan was to start "Red Ales" over Valentine’s week, but alas we’re here and there are no rearview mirrors on this vehicle. Actually I hope there is no vehicle, either, as I doubt this blog should be driving. Anyways, AleSmith is one of my top breweries (probably top 5), with their IPA, Speedway Stout and Nut Brown particularly scrumptulescent, and I’m happy to scarf down a rarely seen Valentine’s seasonal. To accompany, we have Heart’s classic album “Dreamboat Annie”, representing the holiday, the beer, and my fond feelings towards one of San Diego’s finest.

Would My Bloody Valentine be a Magic Man or a St. Valentine's Day Massacre?
The beer pours a crimson red, like it just escaped a gaping wound. There is a solid two-finger tan head that invites you to sniff the floral aromas backed by some toast covered in cinnamon sugar. Sweet caramel malts are the backbone to this beer, and the moderate hops give some pine and grapefruit flavors. Where most hoppy red ales seem like an IPA with food coloring, this beer tastes closer to an earthy brown with hops added and is more like a hybrid beer than most other red ales I’ve had. It’s smooth on the palate, with a moderately light mouthfeel, moderate alcohol (a devilish 6.66%) and is only mildly bitter on the aftertaste. Overall, not my favorite beer from Alesmith, but enjoyable; pick it up if you like maltier IPAs or have a particular distaste for St. Valentine.

Rating: B-

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