Wednesday, February 6, 2013

February 6: Karl and the Tale of the Brouwerij De Molen "Disputin"

The Man/Beer in Black

Welcome back, dear reader, to another episode of Russian Imperial Stouts. Today I have a brew from Brouweij De Molen that is now known as “Disputin” or “Cease and Desist”. The artist formerly known as “Rasputin” is an 11% RIS that has been forced to take on a clever new moniker. According to the label, pictured below, the brewery finds us Americans to be foolish, and had to rename their beer to avoid confusion with a rather well know stout from NorCal. The legal quibbles surrounding this beer, as well as the appearance of the standard Russian Imperial Stout have inspired my vinyl choice for this post: Johnny Cash’s Live from Folsom Prison. Nothing can represent an Imperial Stout better than the Man in Black.

A label with a sense of humor. Too bad I don't find the beer to be as funny.
As for the beer, there may need to be some legal action taken here, as we have someone operating under a false identity. To the untrained eye, this beer pours dark and dank, but holding it up to the light reveals that it’s the darkest brown, not black, you can create. The lack of head is so pronounced you would think this beer was written by Washington Irving, which is odd for a stout like this. The nose is weak, with a little licorice and roasted malt surfing around. Once this hits your taste buds is when you want to phone a lawyer. This beer is not a stout, but rather tastes like a Belgian Strong Dark. There are hints of raisins, fig, roasted malt and coca-cola here, and combined with the mildly-heavy carbonation I don’t get stout at all. I feel like I’ve been robbed. It is not a bad tasting beer, but it is masquerading around as someone it is not. I would skip this moderately-pricey import, not because it is bad, but because it is just confusing and hanging around with it may drag you up on the witness stand someday.

Rating: C+

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