Tuesday, February 19, 2013

February 19th: Trevor and an old Goose

As our Wild Card week continues, I feel it's only appropriate to venture into my cellar for a unique offering.  For those of you new to beer geekdom, you may be thinking "I know wine can be cellar-ed, but beer?!"  Well, as the world (specifically the U.S.A.) begins to develop a more refined beer palate, we have found that many beers, like fine wines, can be improved with extended aging .  Today's offering is a perfect example.  

For our first trip into my cellar, we select an offering from Chicago's very own Goose Island Brewing Company.  The 2009 Pere Jacques is a Belgian Style Dubbel, and pre-dates the AB InBev purchase of Goose Island in 2011, making it a highly desirable bottle because it was brewed by Greg Hall, who stepped down as Brewmaster following the InBev purchase.

Goose Island Pere Jacques
A thing of beauty, as yet untainted by InBev...

The beer pours a dark, yet luminous burnt orange, with a fast-fading finger of head.  The nose is subdued, which is normal for an aged beer, with yeast,  fruit, and a slight funk mixing with boozy warmth.

The taste follows suit, and here the aging shines through.  While a fresh bottle of Pere Jacques is very hot, the extra years have imparted a port-like warmth that melds beautifully with caramel malt, and apricot and peach sweetness..

The mouthfeel is unique as well, with a subdued carbonation that feels like it melts away into sticky, almost marmalade sweetness, balanced beautifully by  full, biscuity malt, and just the right amount of bitterness.

If you can get your hands on one of these, I highly recommend drinking it now.

Rating: A

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