Friday, February 15, 2013

February 15: Karl and the Tale of the Epic Brewing Double Skull Doppelbock

Time to Rock and Roll All Nite
It is a brisk 80 degrees here in LA, which I think is perfectly fitting as we start off our Wild Card Week! I have a habit of hoarding beers for consumption, and our theme weeks have not been too kind to some of the odder brews that I have picked up lately, and many of these beers have gotten too comfortable sitting in my fridge or closet. Well, like the claw from Toy Story, your time has come little aliens. Today’s victim is the Epic Brewing Double Skull Doppelbock. For all the best reasons, warm air and German beer go hand-in-hand for me, so I decided to pop the cap on this fella this evening. The Double Skull is represented musically by Kiss’s Double Platinum greatest hits collection. Here is an interesting article on how Kiss used the middle of the country where other "popular" bands wouldn’t venture, cities like Epic’s home of Salt Lake Rock City, to amass fortune, fame and floozies.

Does the Double Skull pull the trigger on my Love Gun?
This doppelbock pours a dark, rich mahogany that Ron Burgundy would be proud of. There is a single finger of off-white head and an aroma of bread, toffee, and a German beer garden. There’s just something unmistakable when it comes to German malts and yeast that triggers the happy parts of my brain. Molasses, raisin, biscuit, nuts and the malt are all prevalent on the tongue, and the beer is creamy and mildly carbonated, making for easy, smooth drinking. The 9.1% ABV definitely warms as it goes down, leaving me relaxed after a long, hard day of work. It’s a good beer for an uncharacteristically warm February evening that has cooled down significantly, but nothing to write home about. I haven’t had that many doppelbocks, but it represents the style well, I think; a little sweet, lots of complex malts and dark flavors, yet thin tasting. I would give it an 80%, which just barely pushes it to a…

Rating: B-

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