Tuesday, January 29, 2013

January 29: Dragon's Milk Aged in Oak Barrels can't slay Clint Eastwood

The Leche de Dragon. Obviously, the only other person badass enough besides Chuck Norris (who's shirt I'm wearing tonight) to drink Dragon's Milk and survive is CLINT EASTWOOD.
Coogan's Bluff, the first collaboration between Don Siegel and Clint, who also made Dirty Harry
Dragon Milk is a 10% High Gravity Series from New Holland aged in Oak Barrels. This is what the back has to say about it.
"A barrel-aged stout with roasty malt character intermingled with deep vanilla tones, all dancing in a oak bath"
The dragons I read of kick people in the face and turned knights into s'mores. This doesn't quite kick you in the face with its awesomeness, but there is a bit of oak...smoozing...involved. There's some vanilla at the end of a long roast and chocolate attack. The oak aging doesn't take any heat off the 10% though, which would be nice. It's rich, tasty and more heat than I'd like, but overall satisfying. This isn't a Great Divide Yeti but does hold its own. Rating: B

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